Friday, February 03, 2012

Finished Sockhead hat.  A week of carry along knitting.  Love it.  About to start another one with more STR Lightweight. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Moving right along -- I have been working hard, hard, hard, to regularize the bewildering complexity of my knitting life.  Spent all of "sewing day" - monthly meet up with friends who mostly quilt - getting the downloads from 5 sources (2 desktop files, 2 doc with many subs files, dropbox) into an organized dropbox.  then longer going through queue and faves on Ravelry.  Still have the Circus Ponies notebook (c. 2008) to plow through.  Also re-sorting yarn and getting it all on Ravelry stash, have done lace, fingering and sport, on to dk, worsted and beyond!  Then WIPs and UFOs.  One interesting disovery was that I have one more skein of tosh that I was using for palindrome, so that may become something else.
Sock hat is doing very nicely, about 4 inches to go.  I think it will look neat.  This is perfect on the go, on tv, etc knitting.  able to do continental cuz it's circ needles.
Have been intrigued by sweet tomato socks.  but no, no , not now!

Friday, January 27, 2012

So, I found some patterns, including one for a hat:  Sockhead Hat; Prismatic Scarf; Min-mania scarf,
seven circle.  Time to do what I keep meaning to do:  set up a running circular needle swatching device.
Also found a neat pattern for a braided necklace/bracelet/headband thing that I must try.  Maybe simple things and ananke.  Boomeretee is coming along nicely!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decided on a knitting program for this year:  it's even got a catchy name:

"Simple Scarf/Shawl Stash Buster".  I have a drawerful of sock yarn - fingering and sport that is appropriate for one skein scarves and shawls  I have more socks than I need and have so much trouble getting hand knit socks to fit that (at least for now) I have no desire to pursue sock knitting.
I am collecting simple scarves and shawls made for one skein on Ravelry and will work my way through the sock yarn drawer.  If anyone likes something, I will happily gift it to them.
So far, a couple of potato chip (ruffled) boas out of a mohairy yarn -- one if which i will keep; and I'm working on "Boomerette" from Ursa Major with a gorgeous skein of Blue Heron in greens and browns, actually that one may stay with me too.  But there a year or two of skeins from the BMF sock club that are in colors that aren't mine; those will be fun to experiment with and pass on.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's see, it's been a while, again.  Working on Margot from Knitty Fall 2009 in tan alpaca sportweight.  Got far along when I had to pull it off the needles to frog back to an error and realized that the gauge was way off.  Note to self:  a swatch in the flat with the yarn pulled around the back does not equate to a swatch in the round!  Back on track on larger needles.  Tons of other  WIP's, as usual.  Have Simple City shawlette going; a couple of sweaters (still ) for Emily; Travelling sweater from Blue Moon Fibers; a couple of shawl/scarf/wrap things from fancy stash yarns; a couple of socks to frog I think; the cardigan from our cross country trip probably to also frog and reknit as the cardi from the person who designed Margot; another Favorite Scarf ever (half done, should I do mitts first and then see how much is left for the second "half').  I know there is more.  I do love starting things.  Oh, and Headgear from Catherine Lowe.  I just tried it on and it'll be great.  But slow going.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Catch up

Today is Monday, February 7. Love the new car: Sue B. Ruby.
Knitwise, I finished Joy's prayer shawl, just need to trim the fringes and bring it over to SPC. With the remaining yarn I cast on and almost finished a kitty Snuggle (Snuggles project) for the Animal Rescue League. I began and finished a Wurm hat out of a lovely alpaca/angora mix that either came from Westminster, Alice, or the Sisters. Still have a ball of it, which would make wonderfully cuddly gloves. Great pattern, could be just about any size and fit and look really good, just different. Got buttons for Seedling, lost them, found them. Still have to put them on.
Using up stash, am about to start a prayer shawl in Homespun, will do Feather and Fan for excitement.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

For Jan. 28

Purchased new car today, delivery Monday. Yay! Before the next snow (sigh!). Had planned to do much knitting while listening to the guy try to sell me stuff I don't want on the car, but he didn't and I didn't. Did finish acrylic scarf that began life as Emily's bag, though, and did a bit on the new 22.5 degree scarf.